Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Macintosh LC Repair Part 2

If I plan on making this function, I will have to replace all of the corroded and leaking capacitors as well as replace any non-functioning components that were damaged in the 20 something years of storage.

Below, I have drawn up a few quick diagrams of the board layouts and recorded all top-side capacitor values. I have not recorded any bottom-side capacitors because they do not need to be replaced. My board is marked: "APPLE COMPUTER INC. AP1455-03 © 1990 630-?3?9 - "

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Apple Macintosh LC Motherboard:

C1: Electro: 10uF/16v
C2: Tantalum: 3.3uF/16v
C3: Electro:10uF/16v
C4: Electro: 47uF/16v
C5: Electro: 10uF/16v
C6: Electro: 10uF/16v
C7: Electro: 10uF/16v
C8: Electro: 100uF/6v
C9: Electro: 47uF/16v
C10: Tantalum: 3.3uF/16v
C11: Tantalum: 3.3uF/16v
C12: Tantalum: 3.3uF/16v
C13: Electro: 47uF/16v
C14: Electro: 47uF/16v
C15: Electro: 47uF/16v
C16: Tantalum: 3.3uF/16v
C17: Tantalum: 3.3uF/16v
C19: Tantalum: 3.3uF/16v
C100: Electro: 1uF/50v
C105: Electro: 10uF/16v
C108: Electro: 10uF/16v
C111: Electro: 10uF/16v
C890: Tantalum: 3.3uF/16v

And as for my Apple IIe Card:

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C1: Electro: 22uF/35v C2: Electro: 22uF/35v

TDK Power Supply:

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C5: Electro: 180uF/385v
C8: Electro: 8.2uF/50v
C51: Electro: 1000uF/10v
C52: Electro: 1000uF/10v
C53: Electro: 270uF/25v
C54: Electro: 270uF/25v
C55: Electro: 1000uF/10v
C56: Electro: 56uF/25v
C60: Electro: 47uF/25v
C64: Electro: 270uF/10v

My plan is to purchase every capacitor that I need to replace these, keeping as close to the same values to stay safe. I may also attempt to make the Apple IIe card's proprietary cable which was originally design to hook up an original Apple II floppy drive and joystick. Apparently I am able to stored games and other software for the Apple IIe card on the internal HDD, so all I need is a joystick connector. All of the appropriate pin connections are listed here:

"Joystick (9 pin) to IIe card connector

01 01
02 21
03 02
04 20
05 12
06 19
07 10
08 03
09 11

Disk drive (19 pin) to IIe card connector

01 04
02 04
03 13
04 14
05 NC
06 05
07 22
08 23
09 06
10 15
11 24
12 07
13 16
14 25
15 08
16 17
17 26
18 09
19 18"

Ignoring the Disk Drive portion, I should be able to wire a joystick very easily; given I find the appropriate 3-row, 26-pin D-sub connector for a reasonable price.

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