Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Update: Jul-2-13

Since my last post, I have not only acquired an Apple IIe but have set myself on a journey of self-betterment and creation. (Im gonna build something)

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Clearly my Apple is beaten up with keys missing and ... a makeshift floppy drive but it is one of the coolest things I have ever owned. The internals are simple enough to follow myself and the features are incredible. For the longest time I had been planning a new device to engineer and produce, but if it wasn't for the Apple II, I may still be at square one.

To begin with, the uP inside is the 6502. Quite powerful for its time and variants are still being produced today! For the device I am designing, I have chosen the 65c816 which is a higher processing faster uP than the 6502. It still keeps a certain amount of backwards compatibility too which may or may not come into play with my computer.

I am now studying the 65c816, latching process, addressing methods, etc. The thing can address up to 16Mbytes which is absolutely astounding! I have started looking into I/O options such as the DUART which I may use for MIDI and controlling an LCD module for serial output. This lead me to find the TellyMate which converts serial data to composite video. The TellyMate is in such a small package, that I have decided to fit one into the shell so that it can be put onto a television.

As for the main purpose, I am designing a computer to cater to the chiptune artist. There will be at least two synth chips (vintage of course) and an expansion port for other software. The expansion port I have decided will be not only used for software, but for addressing custom hardware devices designed by other people in the future. Gotta love them modders. I may design a docking system to connect a control board with buttons, pots and other components to control filtering, looping, controlled interference and other attributes of individual sound channels.

If you're a fan of LSDj and the DMG-01, then you may want to follow my blog. I will be starting a kickstarter eventually which will have all of the information and replace the gameboy entirely. My handheld computer will not only have more sound channels, but built-in midi control and the main focus is the modder. I will create the very most mod able toy ever.

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