Thursday, July 25, 2013

Update Jul-25-13

Here I am trying to learn gbz80 ASM (or Gameboy Assembly Language) and am just having a terrible horrible day! I have programmed in assemble for classes before and loved it, but nothing wants go correctly this time. First off, the cat is being a psycho-demon and tears through the room every few seconds, next the power went out for one minute last night losing data from the programs I was running, resetting the wireless printer and shutting off the coffee pot so the water had top warm up in the morning and to top it all off, I did my egg over-hard rather than over-easy! BAHHH!

In any case, my biggest problem is that the assembler included with RGBDS, the gameboy assembling environment, refuses to load one of the THOUSAND files that all run in sequence when you initiate the assembling of a ROM. To top it all off, you have to run it through a command prompt which just adds a whole new level of fun to the project.

 I have tried setting programs to admin mode, compat mode, and all other forms of configuration and yet nothing works. Get this, the program was written for Windows 95 so I probably can't use Windows 7 x64...

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That is the error. RGBFix refuses to load after the batch file calls for it. Putting RGBFix into Admin mode just skips the error message and does nothing. I am supposed to have a *.gb file that runs on gameboy or in an emulator.

 I am not even beyond Hello-World yet because of this nonsense! If anyone knows how to get this assembler working in Windows 7 x64, let me know...

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