Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gameboy Cartridge Reader Board-Run

I plan on doing a small run of two sided PCBs based on Reiner Ziegler's Reader. I have redesigned the board in EagleCAD as a mostly SMT populated board, though some components have either option! I do not plan on supplying full kits, so part ordering will be up to you.

If you wish to throw some money into the pool and have a board sent your way, email me here:
Apple2ja*Cmich*edu (dots instead of asterisks).

Here are some pics, dimensions and a 3D render:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Some notes about the boards, I have decided to add vias if people want to use through-hole components rather than SMT components. This does not include the ICs because these components are too large to fit within my strict board limitations. The photos show no through-hole resistors, but I am adding them shortly.

Lets try not to add both version of said components, k? If you choose to use a ceramic resonator rather than an ordinary crystal oscillator, be sure to ignore the cap locations. If you choose to place an crystal oscillator, be sure to check the data sheet as to the capacitance of caps you will need.

Also note that the ICSP connector must be on the bottom of the board. After programming the Atmega8515, you may remove the ICSP connector since there will probably never be any updates.

Reiner Ziegler's site is here:

I have also posted about the pool at these locations to open up the audience:

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