Friday, October 11, 2013

List of things I will order again from Mouser

Maybe its a silly blog post, but it may help someone. Here I will post and frequently update items that I ordered from Mouser and liked so much that I would or will order from them again. I will try to follow the layout of:

Name - info w/link
Why I liked it
My picture - if available

Mouser has millions of items and more than half of which have no pictures. Some of these don't even have that great of datasheets to read through, so ordering parts can become exhausting and stressful.

Once this list becomes larger, go ahead and hit Ctrl + F to search for an item you might need; for example, an ISP, USB or MIDI connector, the common 104 ceramic cap or whatever else. The things I look for in an item are cost and usefulness. I need a cheap item that works for me without begin crap.

0.1uF leaded Ceramic Capacitor
$0.10 x 1, $0.08 x 100
2.54 mm lead spacing takes up minimal room but is easy to solder by hand.

USB Connector female TYPE B in Black w/rear shield
$0.63 x 1, $0.53 x 10
Cheapest I could find and has angled legs to hold itself in place prior to soldering.

3mm Red LED
$0.07 x 1
Simple 3mm diameter, rests flat on your board.

3mm Green LED
$0.08 x 1
Simple 3mm diameter, drawback: legs flair out so it does not rest flat on your board.

Elusive 3-row, 26-pin D-sub connector
$1.53 x 1
Super cheap considering the regular going price. Fits Macintosh LC Apple IIe card.

Hood to fit 26-pin connector
$0.46 x 1
Fits 2-row/15-pin connector and 3-row/26-pin connector

Atmega8515 TQFP-44
$2.66 x 1, $2.54 x 10
Cheapest option and easy to solder package, small size

Solder Flux Pen
$4.78 x 1
Coolest, best, cheapest felt tip pen with soldering flux inside! It lasts and lasts.

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