Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jazz Disassemblies Ep4: N64 Gameboy Adapter Teardown

Some time ago, I needed the shell and cartridge connector of the gameboy adapter for the Nintendo 64, but I never throw things away. In light of this, I decided to de solder all of the components and write up a pinout diagram of the internal CPU itself.

This CPU is an 80-pin SMT IC just like the Original Gameboy, gameboy pocket and super gameboy however I am sure that it is more similar to the gamboy Color's CPU because of the abilities.

During my time desoldering everything, I forgot to record what components were so I no longer have that information. I would not have known some of the tiny transistor-like components anyhow because they had no markings.

In any case, I just want to share some photos with close ups of the traces and also the pin diagram.
Check it out:

I feel like I cheated on this dissassembly, because I have so little information. Sorry about that, I will just have to make the next one twice as in depth.

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