Sunday, October 5, 2014

Do not stay at the Guest Quarters Hotels - Dumping The Miracle Piano Teaching System

I had my Willem programmer pulled out for some Sega Genesis programming stuff and decided to finally dump the eprom inside of the Miracle Piano teaching System Keyboard. If you recall from a previous post of mine, it contained a 27c256 OTP eprom. It also contained many proprietary ICs of which I may never figure out. We may never know what microcontroller they used or what language the machine code is suppose to be written in. z80, 6502, etc.

In any case; with many vintage computers and other devices containing ROM, the authors always find the space to sign and date their work and in rare cases they may even decide to add a little easter egg. Although I cannot locate a date, here is some clear text I found in the ROM image:

"This Eprom contains code created by Mike Collins. Anne Graham and Ray Livingston. Do not stay at the Guest Quarters Hotels. Keep that Coke classic and that Piping hot coffee coming."

I got a real kick out of reading that. For anyone who knows what to do with it, here is the binary file:

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