Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fun with the Sega Genesis - Ultimate Portable Game player

Found a crazy deal on fleabay for one of these and had to have it. I had heard stories of how badly they are made, and how miserable the audio is.
All very true, but I think it can be improved a little.

The video is great, the size a too small, the sound from the speaker is crap but the sound from the headphone could be worse.
I immediately took it apart after opening the box. I was THRILLED to see only one epoxy-chip and several SOP's! :D

I want to believe that the audio issue is because of the amp/filter they have used. Through headphones, it sounds ok, but also a little clipped and shallow. This could also be because of the power supply, which is very weak. The battery is 3.7v and droops when the PSG is loud.

Its like a portable MP3 player considering all the titles that have sound tests. :p
You know, except horrible sounding.


  1. hi, can you show menu and how it works ?
    I have MODE BUTTON FIX, cause it always pressed.
    and I made StereoMOD for this console,65082.msg919068.html
    and I have some other firmwares, but its was dumped from msp55lv128 (128mbit, 20 games)
    can you dump your 512mbit ROM ?

    1. Does this help?

      I cannot dump the ROM at this time. I do not have the appropriate adapter for my eeprom programmer.

  2. thank you.
    can you run JoyTest.bin ?
    in ordinary Sega Gopher... button Mode in portable mode always pressed. (when not connected to TV, an a lot of games not working properly.. like UMK3).
    and can you run ContraHardCorps from SD Card.. is working properly ?

    may be you have ICQ ? a have many questions)))

    1. Finally tested JoyTest. Mode button is always pressed.
      I also tested Hard corps and movement is broken. The foreground does not move, but the enemies and player character do move.